Nomination Form Women Who Lead National Award 2024 – 2nd Edition

The organizing committee ensures that all the documents sent by the candidate that recommend their nomination for the award will be confidentially handled. Nomination document for the award to be sent to the organizing committee headquarter. All the supporting documents must be received on or before the specified deadline of submission. Please note that multiple nominations are welcome. You will receive an e-mail confirmation upon receipt of each submission.

Nomination Guidelines
  1. Nominations can be submitted by those belonging to Public Relations firms, organizations as well as, consultancies, and advertising agencies.
  2. Nominees need to submit proofs of their achievements in formats such as photographs, website links or profiles, the awards and honours, certificates of achievements, or any scientific research literature, Financial reports of organizations, software projects or other references.
  3. The document once submitted for nomination will not be returned as the organizing committee reserves the document for record purposes.
Winners’ Shortlistings
  1. Winners will be selected on the basis of:
    • Leadership Excellence
    • Innovative approaches, positive impact on an organization, community, or society at large.
    • Commitment to creating diverse and inclusive environments.
    • Mentoring and empowerment to other women.
    • Active involvement in community service or philanthropic endeavors.
  2. A formal notification will be sent to the selected winners following the submission.
  3. Winners will receive a National Trophy and Certificate awarded by the Government of India and Maharashtra – with National Media coverage.
  4. Our esteemed jury will assess and finalize the awardees.
  5. The results of winners will be shared via email and promoted on the ‘Women Who Lead’ National Consortium’s social media pages.