Proudly governed by Mrs. Radhika Sudhir, the ‘Women Who Lead’ National Consortium – 2nd Edition’ talks about the remarkable and influential contributions of women, celebrating their journeys amid the socio-economic challenges, preparing them to emerge as role models of tomorrow. This year’s theme, “Women Empowering Women“, highlights the collective strength and support among women empowering women, as a sign of collective sisterhood.

Women Who Lead’ National Consortium provides a safe and assuring platform to drive transformative leadership, financial empowerment, independence, accountability and innovation for women across diverse walks of life.

Celebrating the versatility of womanhood and uplifting the spirits of visionary women has always been the vision behind the founding of ‘Women Who Lead’ National Consortium.

From corporate boardrooms to government halls, there’s a remarkable group of women who have inspired teams, challenged stereotypes, and redefined what real leadership looks like. The platform honours relentless efforts by such women emerging as sources of inspiration for thousands of aspiring women across the globe.